Priority planning poker

Priority Planning Poker is a technique that allows everyone on the team to equally contribute to the prioritization process while removing bias.

Here are some benefits of using priority planning poker:

  • speed up prioritization sessions

  • give everyone the option to contribute to the final priorities 

  • highlight outside opinions to guide the discussion in the right direction

  • bring fun and gamify the prioritization meetings

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How to play priority planning poker

The high-level steps of playing priority planning poker are:

  1. Create a poker room with selected issues

  2. Invite team members

  3. Everyone votes on metrics for selected issues in real-time

  4. Present the results of the voting, together with each member’s votes

  5. Discuss when necessary and accept the votes. Or retake voting if outliers are prominent

Roles in priority planning poker session

Everyone who has Administer Foxly permission can create a poker session. When you create a session you automatically become the Session admin.

Session admin controls the game, chooses issues that are being currently prioritized, closes voting, reveals vote results, and accepts the votes.

Players can only vote on the issue selected by the Session admin at that time and view the results once voting is closed.


Session admin



Session admin


Vote on metrics

Skip vote





Close the voting and reveal score



View results



Change or accept voting results



Select issue that is being voted on



Invite other players



Finish the game



Start the game



How to create a new priority planning poker game

To create a new priority planning poker game, access Foxly by clicking on the Priorities tab in the Project menu.

  1. Click on the Priority poker button in the top right

  2. Give your poker session a name and select the metrics you want to prioritize on the session

  3. Click on the Select issues button

4. Check the checkbox of the issues you want to prioritize; use filters to find the issues you need.

5. Click on Create session button

You’ve created a new poker game. Invite other players to the game via the link and once you’re ready, click on Start the session button to begin voting. New players can join even after the session has already started and participate in the voting process.

How to select the issues for prioritization

The session admin (i.e. creator of the game) can choose the current issue being prioritized by clicking on the issue card in the Ready for prioritization column.


How to vote on issues metrics

You can vote on metrics for any selected issue at the bottom of the screen.

  1. You can add values to all metrics or a few only, and click on Submit my vote

  2. You can choose to skip a turn and refrain from submitting a vote by clicking on the Skip this turn button

Wait for everyone to finish voting and for the session admin to reveal the score.

How to close voting and see results

The session admin can close voting for an issue and reveal results by clicking on the View results button that appears in the voting panel at the bottom of the page, once they submit their vote.

Everyone is then taken to the results screen to view average votes for each metric, alongside details of all player submissions.

Once results are revealed, no one can vote on the issue again.

How to accept the voting result

The session admin can accept the vote by clicking on the Accept results button at the bottom of the results page. Once the result is accepted, the average vote is stored as final value for that metric, and the issue priority score is recalculated accordingly.

The results screen then closes and all players are presented with the next issue to prioritize.

The session admin can overwrite the results by simply clicking and changing the value of the final average metric field on the results page.

How to retake the vote

If the team is dissatisfied with the results, the session admin can then retake the voting.

  1. The session admin clicks on Retake the vote button at the bottom of the results screen

  2. All players are taken back to the voting screen for this issue, to submit their votes

  3. The session admin clicks on the View results button to see new results

What to do when the priority poker game finishes

Once all issues in the priority planning poker game are prioritized or you run out of time in your prioritization meeting, you can go back to the Foxly priorities screen and view issues with newly assigned metrics in the table.